Each year NABC has the honour to hand out the "Doing Business in Africa" Award to one of its members. During the annual Ambassadors' Dinner at the end of the year, three preselected companies are given the floor to pitch themselves and their successful business activities in Africa. The audience votes on the company that has achieved an honourable success and thus wins the Doing Business in Africa Award. 

Latest winners:

2019: Closing the Loop - Joost de Kluijver

2018: Delft Imaging Systems - Mohammed Harbiye

2017: Safi Sana - Aart van den Beukel 

2016: FORM International - Paul Hol

2015: Bejo Zaden - André Dekker

2014: Waka Waka - Merijn Havinga

2013: Portside - Bas de Vaal
2012: Kroftman Structures B.V. - Oscar Tiedink and Patricia Tiedink
2011: Remco Afrique - Angelique Mbundu
2010: Intercommerce - Jan Slange
2009: BIG Machinery - Ron de Bruijn

Criteria for the pre-selection are among others:

- Innovation;
- Sustainability;
- Profitability.

L-R: Sammy Reynaert (NileDutch), Marina Diboma (NABC), Joost de Kluijver (Closing the Loop), Peter de Ruiter (NABC), Adel Lünz (Van Vliet Automotive Group) and Mackenzie Masaki (NABC) at the 2019 DBA edition. Photo: Ruben May.