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NABC, in collaboration with Esther Loorbach (Impact-Helden), is hosting a Women's Day event, on the 7th of March, with an aim to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women, specifically those working in or for Africa. NABC seeks to highlight women's leadership strengths and ongoing accomplishments.

The networking session wishes to equip women with knowledge, skills, and tools to assist them with embracing their femininity at work and turn this into an asset. The event will be led by Esther Loorbach who will use her expertise as a leadership and strengths coach to guide us towards finding strength in our femininity.

Esther will give the audience the opportunity to get a free session ' Strength Scan ' at her company Impact-Helden.

To celebrate the upcoming international women's day, registrations are for free.

For more information, please contact Ingrid Venner



14:30 – 15:00

Registration and networking  

15:00 – 15:05

Welcome speech

Ms. Ingrid Venner,                          NABC-event coördinator                                           

15:05 – 15:30

Introduction on leadership and strengths 

Ms. Esther Loorbach,                    Leadership developer / strengths coach,  Impact-Helden

15:30 – 16:15

Personal business story by 

Ms. Samira Rafaela,                      Project manager, Inclusion Police Netherlands

Ms. Luiza Soares,                            Owner, Ague dos Anjos

Ms. Leontine van ‘t Hooft,                Director & owner,  GreenDreamCompany

16:15 – 17:00

Q & A

Ms. Esther Loorbach,              Leadership developer / strengths coach, Impact-Helden

17:00 – 17:10

Closing remarks 

Ms. Marina Diboma,                      Deputy managing director, NABC

17:10 – 18:30

Networking reception


Esther Loorbach, Leadership and Strengths Coach, Impact-Helden

Esther Loorbach has more than 20 years of General Management leadership experience and has a lot of knowledge and experience in the field of leadership and business management. Esther believes that in this ever-changing business environment, the impact of leadership is huge and the success factor for the future. She helps ambitious managers and entrepreneurs to become true leaders.







Luiza Soares, Co-Founder and Vice President of Água dos Anjos

Luiza Soares, born in Cape Verde, chose a political career, working for the Rotterdam Municipal Council and before as states member at province South Holland to the social-political party. At the same time, being connected to her country of origin, she runs her own Foundation ‘Água dos Anjos’ in Holland to help children in Cape Verde. It was launched in 2016 after about 10 years’ of preparation, harnessed by Luiza’s childhood memories of Cape Verde.  When she returned to Cape Verde in 2003, everything was different and she found it difficult to remain indifferent to this situation.





Samira Rafaela, Project Manager, Inclusion Police Netherlands

Samira Rafaela works as National Project Leader on Inclusion at Police Netherlands. Before that, she worked in other positions as an expert on safety and inclusion and as a board advisor for the Municipality of Amsterdam. In 2016 she started to bring together African diaspora networks for entrepreneurs and she, herself, was an entrepreneur in the creative industry in Ghana. Samira is number 3 on the D66 list for European elections.










Leontine van Hooft, Director and Owner, GreenDreamCompany


With a background as a corporate anthropologist, Leontine van Hooft is the co-founder and creative director of GreenDreamCompany: a mass media company focused on contemporary preserve international cultural heritage of emerging markets in Africa and Europe.

To get the disappearing legacy adopted by the younger (digital) generation they create a diversity of edutainment products such as books, comics, movies, games, gadgets up to Cultural Experience Parks, all brought together within the licensed brand Ubuntopia.








Marina Diboma, Deputy Managing Director, NABC

Born and raised in Cameroon, Marina Diboma is a graduate from the University of Amsterdam with degrees in Communication Science and Business Studies. 

She has proven experience in establishing and strengthening both South–South and North–South cooperation through trade, investment and development. Marina has a passion in building bridges between people and organization, and vice versa. She is fluent in four languages: Dutch, French, English and Spanish. 

Her areas of expertise include: Economic Diplomacy, Development Cooperation, Media and Public Relations, Entrepreneurship, Private Sector Development and Trade & Investment with Africa. Within the framework of her professional activities, Marina has already led more than 30 business missions to/from the African continent. During these missions, she has always played the role of the head of mission and spokeswoman for both the public and private authorities.


Event details

Women's Day 2019
From March 07, 2019
Till March 07, 2019
NABC events
Networking reception
The Hague, Netherlands