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On May 8th, two coinciding delegations including 20 companies from Ghana and 20 companies from Kenya will visit the Netherlands. The aim of this incoming mission is to exchange knowledge, insights and contacts between the Dutch and African participants in both the production and processing of agricultural products. Please click here to download a full list of companies.

Companies from Ghana Looking for Dutch companies in the following sectors:
Aquaculture Processing & Packaging: new/better machinery & equipment
Food processing, mainly fruit & veg Suppliers of tech/machinery/equipment for processing and packaging of juices 
Food processing (continued) Meeting EU export standards, investment, distributors & agents
Poultry Processing & packaging machinery & equipment, feed, cooling systems


Companies from Kenya Looking for Dutch companies in the following sectors:
Dairy, Livestock & poultry                   Milking machine suppliers, strategic investors & other sources of finance
Horticulture European buyers, info on EU standards, water & (ren) energy, smart technology
Horticulture (continued) Human resources, investment

Event activities: Ghana–Netherlands Business Seminar: will take place on Monday 8th May from 13:00-14:45. Please note that the seminar mainly focuses on Ghana. Matchmaking session: same afternoon from 15:00 - 17:00 and will involve companies from both Ghana and Kenya. 

Location: FME, Zilverstraat 69, 2718 RP Zoetermeer.

For more information, please contact: 


Kenya Delegation - Anitra van der Kraan - Programme Manager -

Ghana Delegation - Jan Maas - Project Manager -


Ghana Delegation - Aafke Mak - Project Manager -

Event details

Ghana & Kenya Agro-Business & Agro-Processing Seminar & Matchmaking
From May 08, 2017
Till May 08, 2017
NABC events
Business Seminar & Matchmaking
Zoetermeer, Netherlands