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The workshop is envisaged to be a first step towards a larger private sector initiative in both countries with an integral value chain approach.  The goal is to find out how Dutch technology, expertise and solutions can be implemented through projects focused on capacity building, cold chain investments, small-scale pilot projects for added value, and investment opportunities. The agro-logistics value chain has been identified as follows: 

       Handling/Packaging -- Storage -- Cooling -- Processing -- Transport/Logistics -- Capacity Building

The workshop will focus on trade from Benin and Nigeria in fruit and vegetables. The North-west of Nigeria is the hinterland of the port in Cotonou, and the country as a whole is a large (potential) export market for Beninese farmers. However, substantial food losses have led to reduced food security, reduced competitiveness of the farmers and high crop prices.

If your company has interest or experience in Benin/Nigeria or is engaged in any of the above-mentioned activities, this workshop will certainly be relevant for you. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you are interested in taking part. You can register directly on the website, alternatively, you can contact Anitra van der Kraan if you have any questions. 


Event details

Nigeria-Benin workshop on Post-Harvest losses
From March 06, 2017
Till March 06, 2017
NABC events
The Hague, Netherlands
070 304 3618