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Morocco Business Event - 17 May 2016

Waternet Amsterdam      08.30-17.00


On the 17th of May 2016, a high-profile public-private delegation from Morocco will visit the Netherlands and attend the Morocco Business Event 2016.

This event is an excellent opportunity to

  • receive new updates on sustainable energy, water and waste management projects and business opportunities in Morocco;
  • learn the do’s and don’ts of doing business in Morocco;
  • get involved in the preparations for the COP 22 organised in Marrakech.

Mr. Eberhard van der Laan, Mayor of Amsterdam, and Mr. Abdelouahab Bellouki, the Moroccan ambassador, will open the event.

Delegation members will be:

  • AMDI – Moroccan Investment Development Agency  - Ms. Safae Sijilmassi Idrissi - Chief of the International Relations Department
  • The Ministry of Energy, Water and the Environment in Morocco - Mr. Mehdi Chalabi - Director of the Programs at the Environment Department
  • CGEM – Organization of Enterprises in Morocco - Ms. Hanan Hanzaz - Vice Chairman of the Energy, Climate and Green Economy Committee
  • ONEE – National Organization for Electricity and Water - Ms. Mahjouba Bourziza - Chef of the Planification and Ms. Selma Jariri - Chef of the New Water Technologies Division
  • AMEPA – Moroccan Organization for Drinking Water and Sanitation  ASMEX - Moroccan Association of Exporters - Mr. Abdelaziz Taariji - Vicepresident 
  • OCP – L'Office Chérifien des Phosphates - Mr. Mohamed Salem El Boukhary - Environment Corporate Project Manager
  • MASEN – Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy - Mr. Mohamed Bernannou - CEO for the Moroccan Solar Cluster and the Moroccan Climate Innovation Center of MASEN
  • ADEREE – National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency - Mr. Saïd Mouline - General Director
  • ADEPE – Association for Sustainable Development, Ecology and Environmental Preservation - President Mr. Abderrahmane Ouardane and Ms. Narjis Sarrar - Director of Development

Roundtable sessions and an information market with stands of various institutes and governmental private sector instruments will take place in the afternoon.

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Morocco Business Event on Energy, Water and COP 22

08:30 – 09:00 Registration

09:00 – 09:20 Opening Remarks by Mr. Van der Laan, Mayor of Amsterdam

09:20 – 09:40 Speech by His Excellency Mr. Abdelouahab Bellouki, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to the Netherlands

09:40 – 12:00 Introduction of Delegates

12:00 – 12:45 Q&A / discussion

12:45 – 14:00 Lunch sponsored by the Moroccan Embassy in The Hague

14:00 – 16:00 Round Tables dating opportunities per sector

16:00 – 17:00 Closing of the day and cocktail (networking reception) sponsored by The Royal Netherlands Embassy in Morocco

Click here for the full Morocco Business Event programme in PDF.

Delegation members:


AMDI/ Invest in Morocco - Moroccan Investment Development Agency

The Moroccan Investment Development Agency (AMDI) is the national body in charge of promoting and developing investments in Morocco. Invest in Morocco is taking actions to promote communication and to publicize investment opportunities in Morocco and attract potential prospects. It organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.., for the sake of promoting domestic and foreign investment. Invest in Morocco also aims to analyze, monitor and periodically publish the performance indicators related to investments, and to propose to the government legislation and regulations that could support and encourage investment in the Kingdom. Invest in Morocco also provides a professional and free public service to all investors. It also offers them a wide range of services in order to set up their business in Morocco through a professional team.

The goal of AMDI is to promote the potential that Morocco has to offer, while focusing on the investment- and business climate in Morocco.

AMDI would like to meet Dutch counterparts (e.g. NFIA) and Dutch enterprises that are interested in doing business in Morocco. AMDI wants to explore the possibilities to get Dutch journalists to Morocco and to report on opportunities for local investments (for example during the COP 22). 

AMDI will be represented by the Chef of the Department of International Relations madam Safae Idrissi.

For more information about AMDI, please consult:

The Ministry of Energy, Mines, Water and the Environment

The department of the Ministry in charge of the Environment is responsible for monitoring, developing and implementing the policy of the government within the domain of the environment and sustainable development. To achieve this, the department has several missions, such as:

  • The elaboration of the national strategy within the field of sustainable development
  • The proposing of draft laws and regulations related to the protection of the environment
  • The development of bilateral, regional and international cooperation within the context of the protection of the environment and sustainable energy.

Focus on three pillars: the recovery of electric and electronic equipment waste, the recovery of construction and demolition waste and the dismantling and recovery of cars.

The Ministry is looking for Dutch expertise on reusing or recycling the abovementioned material.

The Ministry will be represented by the Director of the Programs at the Environment Department mister Mehdi Chalabi.

For more information about the Environment Department of the Ministry, please consult: 

CGEM - Organization of Enterprises in Morocco

CGEM (equivalent of the Dutch VNO-NCW) is the private sector representative to public authorities and institutions. It speaks on behalf of 88.000 direct and affiliate members (covering different economic sectors and different sizes) and aims to ensure a favorable economic environment for the development of enterprises in Morocco. 

CGEM represents the interests of Moroccan businesses against social and public powers. Its goal is to act in favor of a prosperous and optimal environment for the Moroccan economy through the promotion of private initiatives. CGEM is also committed to improving the business and investment climate at an international level through its business boards. 

A dynamic entrepreneurial environment is essential for a healthy economy and a sustainable growth. CGEM contributes to the creation of such an environment, through its transversal committees, thus a special committee is dedicated to the sustainable development and green growth topics : «  the energy, Climate and Green Economy Committee ».

Focus on three subjects: setting up a Green Growth Academy, participation in sustainable events in the run-up to the COP22 and co-organizing a business dialogue.

CGEM/Green Commission would like to meet the VNO-NCW and other relevant parties.

CGEM will be represented by the Vice Chairman of the Energy, Climate and Green Economy Committee madam Hanan Hanzaz.

For more information about CGEM, please consult:  

For more information about the Committee, please consult: this link

ONEE - National Organization for Electricity and Water

The water branch of ONEE concerns itself with supplying drinking water on a national level as well as the production and the distribution of drinking water. Aside from this, ONEE concerns itself with the control of water quality in Morocco.

ONEE integrates the environmental component in achieving its goals as well as the involvement of citizens in the protection of water resources. It values itself as a public enterprise of high expertise and has both national and international partners with whom it cooperates.

ONEE Looks for Dutch Innovative Solutions for Drinking Water and Sanitation. 

ONEE will be represented by the Chef of the Planification Division madam Mahjouba Bourziza and Chef of the New Water Technologies Division madam Selma Jariri.

For more information about ONEE, please consult:

AMEPA - Moroccan Organization for Drinking Water and Sanitation

AMEPA is a Moroccan Agency which assembles the majority of the actors that concern themselves with the water sector (drinking water, irrigation and the environment) in Morocco.

It gathers the producers of water, the distributors of water, the industries (canalization, accessories for irrigation, pumps, water meters, etc.), engineers (pump stations, etc.), operations working for the environment (purification) and drilling organizations. The office of studies operates within the sectors of water and the environment.

The organizations of AMEPA operate in French speaking Africa and would like to come in contact with Dutch organizations which are interested in Morocco and the rest of Africa.

AMEPA would like to meet relevant counterparts with expertise in innovative technologies used within the water sector.

AMEPA will be represented by Vice-President mister Abdelaziz Taariji.

OCP - Office Chérifien des Phosphates

As a global leader in the phosphate and phosphate derivatives markets, OCP has been a key player in the international market since its founding in 1920. OCP is integrated across the entire phosphate value chain, extracting, marketing and selling phosphate and its derivatives, phosphoric acid and fertilizers. We are the world’s largest exporter of phosphate rock and phosphoric acid, as well as one of the world’s largest producers of fertilizer. Sustainable development and environmental protection are integral elements of OCP’s operations, and our development projects are measured according to these criteria. The group is interested particularly in the innovative technologies in energy, water and the environment in order to minimize our activities environmental impacts while improving living ecosystems.

OCP will be represented by the Project Manager at OCP mister Mohamed Salem El Boukhary.

OCP is looking for developers or technicians for collaboration on global energy issues. Regarding their plans for 2016-2020, OCP is producing thrice the amount they are currently producing and in this context they look for technical assistance and solutions.

OCP would like to create a partnership to search for project leaders and control energy optimization technology.

For more information about OCP, please consult:

MASEN - Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy

MASEN aims at implementing a program for the development of integrated electricity production projects from solar energy with a minimum total capacity of 2000 MW.

MASEN is in charge of several projects, such as: 

  • The design of integrated solar development projects, hereafter referred to as “solar projects”, in the areas of Morocco which are capable of hosting  the plants for the production of electricity  from  solar energy ;
  • Proposing to the Moroccan administration modes of industrial integration for each solar project;
  • The project management for the realization of the solar projects ;
  • The promotion of the program with national foreign investors.

Focus on two pillars: the development of projects for renewable energy as well as the development of industrial capacity.

MASEN hopes to use the mission to create a reversed trade mission with partners as well as to find Dutch technology and industrial experts for future collaboration.  MASEN would like to learn more about Dutch Urban solutions.

MASEN will be represented by the CEO for the Moroccan Solar Cluster and the Moroccan Climate Innovation Center of MASEN mister Mohamed Bernannou.

For more information about MASEN, please consult:

ADEREE- National Agency for the Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

ADEREE is a public institution in Morocco which aims to be the reference service agency in renewable energy for both national and international actors within the field. The mission of ADEREE is to implement government policy aimed at reducing energy dependence through the promotion of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE).

ADEREE would like to meet Dutch entrepreneurs/organizations in the Energy/Water/Circular Economy sector.

ADEREE will be represented by Director General mister Said Mouline.

For more information about ADEREE, please consult:

ADEPE Association for Sustainable Development, Ecology and Environmental Preservation

ADEPE is a non-profit association, which was created in 2011 by a group of concerned citizens of the need to protect the environment and the urgent need to register our society in the standards of sustainable development. ADEPE expresses a real willingness to accompany the government strategy on sustainable development and this by multiple actions: meetings, debates, awareness and civic mobilization around the goals plots. Since its creation, ADEPE has multiplied the actions accompanying public and private entities in the field of the Environment and Sustainable Development.

This strong mobilization allowed them to be mandated by its institutional partners to engage in actions the social and societal In order to enroll in a dynamic Morocco of tomorrow. Consequently, ADEPE is now positioned as the leader of the accompaniment of the environmental strategy in Morocco.

ADEPE would like to meet associations with the same profile to cooperate with and to find research expertise in training for green jobs. ADEPE is co-organizing the International Sustainable Climate Development Fair and POLLUTEC in the fall of 2016.

ADEPE will be represented by the President mister Abderrahmane Ouardane and the Directrice of Development madam Narjis Sarrar.

For more information about ADEPE, please consult:

ASMEX - Moroccan Association of Exporters

ASMEX assembles the Moroccan exporters, federations, sectorial associations and the public and private institutions which concern themselves with international trade.            

ASMEX has several missions, among which:

  • Proposing and/or contributing to every reflection concerning the development of export.
  • Valorizing the role of exporters in the context of creating wealth as well as the economic and social development.
  • Promoting and contributing to the implementation of the political dynamics of export.
  • Promoting and encouraging national and international partners.
  • Facilitating and accompanying the success of enterprises within the field of export.

Several thematic commissions and ad-hoc committees have gathered with members of ASMEX to debate and exchange ideas about the development and the promotion of the Moroccan export sector. ASMEX also has a regional operator which allows proximity for the exporters within the regions.

ASMEX wants to advertise Morocco as a hub for Africa to facilitate European-African cooperation.

ASMEX is looking for investors for Joint Ventures for export in Africa and would like to meet relevant counterparts in the Netherlands within this context.  ASMEX looks for Dutch research expertise in sanitation, purification and desalination of seawater.

ASMEX will be represented by Vice-President mister Abdelaziz Taariji.

For more information about ASMEX, please consult:



Mr. Eberhard van der Laan,
Mayor of Amsterdam 
Mr. Abdelouahab Bellouki, Moroccan ambassador


Practical information

8:30 - 17:00

Stichting Waternet
Korte Ouderkerkerdijk 7
1096 AC Amsterdam


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Morocco Business Event
From May 17, 2016
Till May 17, 2016
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