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African markets require a specific set of products and services suitable for developing markets.Innovation is needed to serve those markets successfully; this can be technical and business model innovations.

For this month's business club, NABC and TNO invite you to share your innovation needs and ideas during a short brainstorm session. TNO will inspire you with concrete cases in five parallel sessions:
1) Reduction of post-harvest losses (e.g. topics like cold chain, packaging, processing)
2) Renewable Energy (e.g. topics like off grid solutions using wind- , solar- and/or biogas-energy)
3) Food & Nutrition (e.g. topics like alternative proteins, food fortification)
4) Construction & Logistics (e.g. alternative building materials, green logistics)
* Please email us if you would like to suggest an additional sector. In case of sufficient interest we will open a session on this new topic.

In the sessions we address the following issues:
a)    ‘Which innovations, business models and/or partnerships are necessary to create a better fit for your (export-)products and services in the African markets?’ 
b)    ‘Do you have any ideas, products and/business models that could be a solution to the needs as earlier discussed?’ 

The topics and issues raised by you during the brainstorm sessions will be compared with matching needs from other participants and existing project proposals. NABC and TNO will identify concrete options for practical and financial follow-up and communicate these to the participants with an interest in taking next steps on their ideas or needs. 



14:30 - 15:00:   Arrival & Registrations

15:00 - 15:30:   Welcome by TNO Director Niek Snoeij

15.10 - 15.30:   Presentation TNO: Business with impact in Africa by Mathilde Miedema

15:30 -16.30:    Parallel brainstorm sessions on innovation needs & solutions 

16.30 - 16.45:   Presentation on identified issues & possible follow-up 

16:45 - 18:30:   Network Drinks & Introduction of new members

Practical information


TNO Headquarters The Hague
New Babylon (CS)
Anna van Buerenplein 1

Q-Park below New Babylon 


Business Casual
Max. 80 participants; Preference for NABC members, TNO partners and private sector (10 non-members/non-partner tickets available! - non-member fee: €50.- excl.)

Event details

Africa Business club at TNO: 'Innovation meets Doing business in Africa'
From April 21, 2016
Till April 21, 2016
NABC events
Africa Business Club
TNO Office, New Babylon, The Hague, Netherlands
(0)70 304 3618