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International mining, engineering and transport exhibition

Mine Entra is Zimbabwe’s biggest, most reputable exhibition for the mining, engineering and transport and their associated industries. Mid-year timing of the event is for maximum convenience and corresponds to the industry’s main buying and tendering period. The event is open to traders and business visitors only. It will be held at the Zimbabwe International Exhibition Centre (ZIEC).

Mine Entra 2016 is the 21st edition of the trade show show and is a reflection of a two-decade long investment in building a relevant and targeted event that has helped uncover Zimbabwe’s wealth and potential. Running under the theme “Unearthing Opportunities,” Mine Entra 2016 is set to highlight the growth opportunities and prospects in the region’s mining industry and related sectors. For more information visit the website.

Event details

Mine Entra 2016
From July 20, 2016
Till July 22, 2016
Supported events
International Trade Fair
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe