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Commodity in Africa Meeting

NABC and Aon Risk Solutions have the pleasure of inviting you to the first Africa Commodity Trade Network Meeting. This informal event will take place on 5 June 2014 in Rotterdam.

This event is for all professionals that are somehow involved with trading of energy, soft commodities, metals, chemicals, foodstuff and perishables in the African continent.



NABC and AON Openings speech

Presentation: Adidjah Makangira, Farmers & Co on "Burundi Coffee: Doing business in the heart of Africa"

Key-note speaker: Justin Sherrard, Rabobank Food & Agri Research on "Fortes fortuna iuuat – doing agri commodity business in Africa"

Key-note speaker: Jean-Pierre Vanhoof, African Marine Surveys Overseas on "Logistical Challenges in Africa"

Networking Session



Justin Sherrard: Global Strategist Rabobank Food & Agri Research. Justin is responsible for Rabobank’s global 
research on supply chains and associated cross-sectoral issues in food & agribusiness. FAR’s cross-sectoral research includes improving access to F&A supply and the effectiveness of F&A supply chains, as well as the development of the circular 
economy model. In relation to F&A resources, Justin focuses on the bio-based economy and optimising the value of F&A waste streams. In addition Justin has oversight of the F&A research group’s global research agenda, which comprises well over 200 research reports each year. Justin has also worked as an independent advisor in the food & agribusiness, energy 
and natural resources areas, providing counsel to leading blue chip companies including BP, Ford and News International, as well as government and not-for-profit organisations including the International Climate Change Taskforce and WWF. 


Jean-Pierre Vanhooff, from Africa Marine Surveys Overseas, is the Senior Surveyor and Crisis Control Officer.  The purpose of Africa Marine Surveys is to have a network of professional surveyors in the major African ports, and to deliver quality reports which contain all possible information on the claim and at the same time safeguard the potential recovery action against the responsible party.  That is where his legal background serves him well.  He is therefore following up all major files from Operations Control Center in Antwerp (the liaison office between the African offices and the worldwide clients), where all surveys are being followed up and controlled on a daily basis. For new projects, Loss Prevention Studies or main casualties he attends on site in the various African ports, where he spends numerous months a year.

He is also co-author of various articles and books on Maritime Law and Marine Insurance, and gives regular lectures and seminars worldwide on these topics.

Adidjah Makangira: Founder of Farmers & Co, a Marketing and Sales organisation dedicated to promote and facilitate direct sales of raw coffee from Burundi.

Inspired by the growing stability in the country where many of her relatives still live Adidjah researched the possibilities to take part in the development of the country through business development. The production and export of coffee is one of the most important activities for Burundi's economy and has been increasingly privatised in recent years, opening up many opportunities for local farmers, cooperatives and business entrepreneurs. The main thing that often lacks in the local community is the international network to sell direct to the coffee industry in Europe and the US.  Furthermore local producing communities often lack the financial resources,  administrative and marketing skills required to fully seize the the growing opportunities brought forth by the new privatised context. Through Farmers & Co, multiple successful partnerships with local producers have been set up, increasing the value of their total exports in a sustainable way. Adidjah combines common business sense and the pragmatism and ability to improvise that often are essential for doing business in Africa, with a theoretical background in sociology. 

Practical information

Date: Thursday 5 June
Time: 15.30
Location: AON Risk Solutions
Address: Admiraliteitskade 62, Rotterdam
Parking: T.b.d.
Language: English
Dress code: Business Casual
Registration period: until Tuesday 3 June


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Adidjah Makangira;
Justin Sherrard; and
Jean-Pierre Vanhooff.


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Commodity Trade in Africa Networking Meeting
From June 05, 2014
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