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Business Culture in Africa

On April 24, NABC organizes together with Itim International a seminar on “Business Culture in Africa”. The course is especially developed for professionals doing business with the African continent. This seminar trains you to work effectively and confidently despite differences in culture and experience. You will gain a deep understanding and will get precisely that extra competitive edge for success.

Don’t forget, research published by the Economist Intelligence Group found in 2012 that “in over 70% of the time when international business ventures fail, they fail due to cultural misunderstandings”. We can go on with citing similar studies, all with the same outcome: understanding the (business) culture is often a prerequisite for successful international business.

6-D model of Hofstede

Courses of Itim International are based on the 40 years of research by Prof. Dr. Hofstede, the most important intercultural management scientist, according to Financial Times and Wallstreet Journal alike. The course will introduce you to Hofstede’s 6-D model, to optimize daily working practices in an intercultural context.

Companies all over the world have found that the Itim approach moves beyond ‘cultural awareness’ and provides them with  a very practical, data-based tool, that helps their company and individual managers to achieve their business goals in the international arena. See and .

Specific attention

The interactive and practical nature of this seminar means that the participants will be able to immediately apply their skills and increased competence. Specific practical attention will be given to:

  • Finding reliable business partners in Africa
  • Relationship management and networking
  • Time management, planning and motivation
  • Negotiating and striking a deal in Africa 

After the course you will:

  • Anticipate and react appropriately to culturally sensitive situations
  • Understand much better the African modus operandi, assumptions and expectations
  • Have increased insight into your own culture in determining your behavior
  • Be able to utilize the 6-D model to think strategically on the above mentioned topics


It is the experience of Itim International that the course is both very good as an introduction to people moving into international business, as well as for the CEO’s, managers or employees that have been functioning in these circumstances for some time. The latter find it very useful to take a moment to step back, look at their reality with completely new eyes and broaden their realm of possible strategies. 


The Seminar ‘Business Culture in Africa’ program.





The lecturers that facilitate the seminars have first-hand experience of living and working abroad. Continued learning and sharing of experiences means they are all equipped with global knowledge and local insights. They combine their practical wisdom and business experience with a passion for the creativity of cultural differences.


Alette Vonk

Is a consultant from Itim International which offers clients training- and consulting services in intercultural management, for more effectiveness in international business. Alette has lived in the USA for a year, worked and lived in West Africa for 10 years and has worked with migrant communities in the Netherlands for over 5 years. For more information about Alette



Marina Diboma

Marina comes from Cameroun and is a Senior Project Manager with the Netherlands-African Business Council. She is responsible for incoming and outgoing trade missions organized by NABC. Marina is a private sector specialist and expert on Sub – Saharan African business development, cultures and social protocol. She provides advisory, coaching and matchmaking services to Dutch companies but also to local SME’s and larger companies in Africa. For more information about Marina 

Practical information

Date: 24 April 2014

Time: 09.00 hr - 17.30 hr

Duration: One day

Location: Hotel/Restaurant Savarin, Rijswijk (Laan van Hoornwijck 29)

Price: € 450 (NABC members) €650 (OTHER participants)

For information or registration contact: Maryn Kleingeld


Both seminars on ‘African Business Culture’ by Itim International in collaboration with NABC have been very successful and interesting for the participants.

Two weeks ago nine participants from eight different companies participated in the first training. “Definitely I have had some major insights how to deal with my partners,” wrote one of the participants afterwards, “it was a good and inspiring day.”

The day offered a mix of information and explanation of the 6-D model of Hofstede and a lively discussion of the implications for negotiating, finding a reliable business partner and planning, and the real case stories from the participants.

The trainees varied in their experience in Africa from still exploring the opportunities up to 15 years of exposure. By the end of a full and exhaustive day, it was clear that the day had given all of them new ideas and tools to work with in the future.

The seminar for the companies was followed, one week later, by a training for the NABC team, again executed by Itim International, in the person of Alette Vonk.

Likewise, this was  a day well spent. With the large, young and energetic team, the day was filled with background theory, continuous discussions and interaction, practical examples and role play, and lots of learning.

Marina Diboma was our instructive (and sometimes hilarious) training actress. On top, as one of the participants wrote: “Alette is very experienced and gives clear and interactive training.”

In the end we all wished there would have been more time to continue and learn more.


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Event details

Training 'African Business Culture'
From April 24, 2014
Till April 24, 2014
NABC events
Rijswijk, Netherlands