My name is Zhané Conteh, I am Franco-Sierra Leonean and I grew up in France, bordering Geneva Switzerland. Having always been confronted to an environment that intertwined diplomacy and an infinite number of cultures, I wanted to study and live in a likewise environment. This is why I chose to continue studying in The Hague as those values are present here. Concerning my educational background, I graduated from an international high school next to Geneva Switzerland. This proximity to the international city of Peace and Justice gave my school and students access to Human Rights conferences such as the UPR (Universal Periodic Review) for Senegal. I also had the chance to organize a Model United Nations Conference for 600 students who came from around the globe. This is how my curiosity for event coordination was piqued. In December 2017, I graduated from The Hague University, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts: my major being Corporate Communications and my minor being Political Communication and Entrepreneurship. I have always enjoyed learning languages therefore, I speak English, French, Spanish and have knowledge of Italian and Dutch.