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Dutch Dairy Development Partners

Published on: 02-Jan-2015

On a Thursday afternoon in September 2013, near Eldoret, Kenya, a group of representatives of Dutch dairy companies and knowledge institutes steps out the car onto a large dairy farm and is welcomed by the farmer Mr. Maktoo and his Friesian dairy cows. Mr. Maktoo proudly shows us around his farm and within minutes the group is discussing the challenges he is facing and possible solutions to his problems; better feed, different breed and milk cooling training of his farm manager. This is a typical example of how the Dutch Dairy Development Partners (DDDP) – a cooperation between Dutch and African dairy companies, NGOs and knowledge institutes - work: making Dutch dairy knowledge and expertise available for the African dairy market.

The DDDP started in 2011 in Kenya and Uganda. Both the Kenyan and Ugandan dairy markets have been growing rapidly over the past few years. Both countries had an average economic growth of 4 to 5 percent per annum in the last eight years and in Kenya the dairy sub-sector produced approximately 5 billion litres of milk in 2012. The dairy sector contributes an estimated 8 percent to GDP in Kenya and it provides employment to 700,000 households, mainly in the rural areas. Although the majority of Kenyan and Ugandan dairy farmers are small-holders and subsistence farmers, there is a growing group of middle and large farmers. The upscaling of farms means there is more opportunity for Dutch dairy companies to find suitable trading partners. In the past 3 years the DDDP has visited many farmers such as Mr. Maktoo, who is now part of the practical dairy training program and on his way to buy milk cooling tanks.

After two years of activities in Kenya and Uganda, the companies of the DDDP have formed joint ventures, found local distributors and set up local offices in Kenya. New training activities have been set up and more than 60 Kenyan and Ugandan dairy farmers have visited the Netherlands. Besides Kenya and Uganda, where we will intensify our cooperation in the next few years, we are exploring new markets such as Ethiopia, Rwanda, Algeria and Tanzania. All as part of the objective to support the African dairy sector and to position the Dutch dairy sector in doing business in Africa.


Do you want to meet farmers like Mr. Maktoo? Are you interested to explore dairy markets, broaden your network and learn from experiences of other Dutch dairy companies and organisations in Africa? Join the Dutch Dairy Development Partners. Contact Lars Kramer at +31 (0)70 304 3618 


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